Training Facilities

The Otolaryngology Residency at Wayne State University, School of Medicine, is an integrated program of Karmanos Cancer Hospital, Beaumont Hospital-Dearborn, and the Veterans Affairs Hospital. Limited rotations are available at the Michigan Ear Institute (Providence Hospital). Office facilities are available at the Southfield office, Wertz Clinic at Karmanos Hospital, the VA Clinic and the Dearborn Oakwood office. Resident rotations will be for 3-month blocks at insitutions or offices approved by the Department of Otolaryngology. Residents cannot rotate more than three months at facilities that are not approved by the ACGME. Residents will also have privileges and may have responsibility for assisting in consultations at the Detroit Medical Center, Childrens Hospital of Michigan, Beaumont-Royal Oak, and McLaren-Macomb Hospital.

Beaumont Hospital-Dearborn
Beaumont-Dearborn is located at 18101 Oakwood Boulevard; it has 1,300 beds systemwide with approximately 75,000 emergency cases per year. This hospital serves as the primary facility for Otolaryngology care with emphasis on facial trauma, primary and tertiary care.

The Detroit Medical Center
The Detroit Medical Center (DMC) is a conglomerate of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, libraries, and classrooms. The Medical Center consists of the Wayne State University School of Medicine, the Shiffman Medical Library, Prentiss Medical Research Building, Harper University Hospital, Children's Hospital of Michigan, Hutzel Hospital, the Rehabilitation Institute, Detroit Receiving Hospital, Karmanos, and the University Health Center.

Detroit Receiving Hospital
This 350 bed hospital is the primary trauma facility for the Detroit Medical Center with approximately 65,000 emergency cases per year. The hospital provides excellent experience and training in trauma and emergency Otolaryngology. Consultative services are provided by faculty with assistance from resident staff.

McLaren Macomb Hospital 
This 288 bed tertiary teaching hospital in Mt. Clemens has state of the art surgical center and operating rooms.  It is a verified Level II trauma center, currently focusing on benign and complex head and neck clinical entities. 

Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan
This hospital serves as the rehabilitation center of the DMC. Consultative services are provided for swallowing, speech and audiology/vestibular problems.

Harper University Hospital
This is a completely renovated, voluntary, general hospital with 600 beds. The hospital provides a large volume and variety of all types of pathology. Consultative services are provided by faculty with assistance from resident staff.

Karmanos Cancer Institute and Hospital
The Karmanos Cancer Institute and Hospital is designated by the National Cancer Institute as among the very best cancer centers in the United States. The Meyer L. Prentis Comprehensive Cancer Center of Metropolitan Detroit, operated by the Institute and Hospital, is one of 38 National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer centers in the United States. The Institute and Hospital strives to prevent, detect and eradicate cancer in 6,000 new patients annually through 1,200 staff including 300 faculty members. This is the primary hospital for head and neck oncology care.

Veteran's Affairs Hospital
The John D. Dingall Veteran's Affairs Hospital is a 432-bed inpatient and outpatient facility located in downtown Detroit adjacent to the Detroit Medical Center. The VA Hospital participates in training Wayne State University residents in a number of medical and surgical specialties including otolaryngology. The hospital contains a full range of medical, surgical and psychiatric services, both inpatient and outpatient. Complete audiologic and vestibular test facilities are available as well as state of the art equipment in the operating room. Residents rotating at the VA Hospital would be expected to participate in care of patients with a wide range of otolaryngological disease.

Other Hospitals
Other hospitals where residents will be involved in patient care include Ascension Providence-Rochester, Beaumont-Royal Oak, and Children's Hospital of Michigan.

Helen Vera Prentis Lande-Medical Research Building
The Medical Research Building houses the molecular biology and neurophysiology laboratories of the Department. Facilities for biochemical, anatomical, and electrophysiological analysis of the ear and related systems are provided for the laboratory. There are animal storage facilities, operating rooms, temporal bone laboratories, audiologic sound, and approximately 25,000 square feet of various research projects.

Head and Neck Cancer Lab
The Department of Otolaryngology maintains two head and neck laboratories focusing on basic cancer research. One of these laboratories is located on the 4th floor of the Prentis building of the Karmanos Cancer Institute and includes 1,000 square feet with all needed equipment and core facilities to perform cutting-edge cancer research. The other laboratory, with approximately 800 square feet of space, is located on the 4th floor of the Detroit VA Medical Center.

Outpatient Offices:

Southfield Office, located at 26400 Twelve Mile Road, Suite 111 in Southfield, is an outpatient facility in which approximately 4,000 patients are seen each year. Audiology services are available.

Veterans Affairs Hospital Outpatient Clinic provides services to 3,149 veterans per year. Many of the patients are treated as part of the inpatient system.

The Michigan Ear Institute (MEI), located at 30055 Northwestern Highway, Farmington Hills, is an outpatient facility that serves Providence and Beaumont Hospitals for otological/neurotologic cases. Staff is provided by professionals of the MEI group.

The Wertz Clinic is located in Karmanos Cancer Institute and will be the main training facility for patients evaluated and treated for cancer.

The Dearborn Office is located at 5250 Auto Club Drive, Suite 290A, Dearborn. This office serves as the ambulatory care center for Downriver referrals and Dearborn area residents.

McLaren-Macomb Ted Wahby Cancer Center at 1080 Harrington Boulevard in Mt. Clemens, for patients local to Macomb County for the evaluation and management of benign and complex head and neck issues.