The Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Wayne State University is dedicated to producing high quality academic and clinical training of residents and medical students while emphasizing the delivery of compassionate, up-to-date health care. Specifically, the objectives of the department are:

  • To provide primary, secondary and tertiary health care in otolaryngology to all seeking such help.
  • To maintain state-of-the-art and balanced clinical programs so that graduates are more than adequately prepared to pass the board examination and practice in any medical setting.
  • To expose residents to excellent teaching and research processes so that upon graduation they will possess the confidence and credentials to enter academic medicine.
  • To direct residents in their pursuit of research interests, and to facilitate associated scientific publications and conference presentations.
  • To familiarize medical students with the specialty so as to provide them with a basic education in primary care and to encourage highly qualified individuals to apply for an otolaryngology residency.
  • To strive continuously to improve faculty research and extramural funding productivity.
  • To encourage post-doctoral training programs for fellows and residents.
  • To increase the levels of academic, clinical, and research collaborations with other departments in the School of Medicine and the university at large.
  • To provide post-doctoral training opportunities and continuing medical education through departmental courses, meetings and conferences.