School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Third Year Medical Student Rotation

This experience provides an introductory overview of the specialty of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, including an introduction to subspecialties within the fields such as neurotology, head and neck surgery, pediatrics, laryngology, allergy, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, and maxillofacial trauma. The learning objectives herein include the following:

  • Develop skills relative to performing thorough head and neck examinations.
  • Become familiarized with audiolology, vestibular, and laryngology laboratories and examination procedures such as audiologic tests, electronystagmography, laryngoscopy, and videostroboscopy.
  • Gain exposure to various patient populations with head and neck pathologies including, acute otitis media, vertigo, rhinitis, epistaxis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, dysphagia, and dysphonia.
  • Become acquainted with the work-up and treatment for otolaryngologic emergencies such as airway obstruction, tracheotomy care, caustic ingestion, deep neck abscesses, and maxillofacial trauma.
  • Observe outpatient surgical aspects of otolaryngology, including septoplasty, functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), tonsillectomy, and pressure equalization (PE) tube insertions. To complete this experience the medical student is expected to select a topic of interest in the areas studied and prepare a 10 minute oral presentation to be delivered to the residents during the final week of this rotation. Honors may be obtained by completing a paper and receiving appropriate grading by the faculty. 

    Rotations are arranged through the coordinator, S. Naweed Raza, M.D.