School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Research Rotation/Elective

This experience is essentially designed to familiarize the students with the fundamental concepts of clinical and/or research in a basic science laboratory. Specifically, the learning objective include the following:

  • Become aware of the overall research requirements of a residency program
  • Gain insight into how to review the medical literature
  • Develop skills necessary to write and orally present original research projects
  • Understand various biochemical and elctrophysiological testing techniques.

Research with faculty in Otologic / Oncologic and related fields is available.

   Dennis Drescher, Ph.D. - Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
   Professor,  Otolaryngology & Biochemistry

   Marian Drescher, Ph.D. - Neurotransmitter Substances
   Associate Professor,  Otolaryngology

   Andrew Fribley, Ph.D. - Unfolded Protein Response
   Assistant Professor,  Pediatrics

   Harry Goshgarian, M.D. - Neuronal Plasticity
   Professor,  Anatomy & Cellular Biology

   Alexander Gow, Ph.D. - Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience
   Professor,  Center for Molecular Medicine & Genetics, 
   Carman and Ann Adams Dept of Pediatrics, Neurology
   Zhengqing Hu, Ph.D.  -  Stem Cell Regeneration of Cochlea
   Assistant Professor,  Otolaryngology

   Ho-Sheng Lin, M.D. - Proteomics, Molecular Biomarkers
   Professor,  Otolaryngology

   Ananda Prasad, M.D. - Nutrition/Immunology
   Distinguished Professor, Internal Medicine (Hematology/Oncology)

   Fazlul Sarker, Ph.D. - Molecular Biology of Cancer
   Professor, Pathology

   Michael Tainsky, Ph.D. – Proteomics
   Professor/Director, Cancer Genetics

   Wei-Zen Wei, Ph.D. - Tumor Immunology
   Professor, Immunology/Microbiology

   Jinsheng Zhang, Ph.D. - Auditory Implants
   Professor, Otolaryngology

Rotations are arranged through the Director of this Program:  Dennis Drescher, Ph.D. 

The preferred rotation is designed for two months although more limited experience can be arranged with the research/clinical faculty mentor.