School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Fourth Year Medical Student Rotation

This experience provides a comprehensive overview of the surgical specialty of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery either for those students who would like additional experience for a primary care track or for those students evaluating otolaryngology as a potential career. Aspects of the Residency program are explored through close affiliations with both departmental faculty and residents. The learning objectives of this rotation include the following:

  • Enhance history taking skills relative to head and neck pathologies
  • Improve techniques of head and neck examinations
  • Understand the purpose, value, and results of numerous laboratory assessments of various otolaryngologic disorders
  • Gain exposure to alternative work-up and treatment strategies for several different in- and out-patient populations with head and neck pathologies
  • Observe surgical aspects of otolaryngology with emphasis on both out-patient and in-patient procedures. Compared to the third year rotation students during the fourth year will be provided with more integrated activity in the office and opportunity to assist in the operating room. Students in the advance rotation are expected to attend departmental clinical conferences during the rotation period, and they can receive a grade of Honors for the experience if they write a paper posing a question to review and/or research in the field of otolaryngology that is judged meritorious by the faculty members with whom they consult

Rotations are arranged through the coordinator, S. Naweed Raza, M.D.